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Where did your wings go?
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This journal is on Hiatus.

thank you.

1st-Mar-2006 12:12 pm - SGA Icons
I'm such a show offCollapse )
1st-Mar-2006 12:07 pm - Breather
I went away and now I'm back.

Well, kinda.

love to you all.
2nd-Feb-2006 03:15 pm - Fic: Sparky - Touch
Title: Touch
Author: agent_sydney
Rating: Mature?
Summary: Too short to merit one.
A/N: Interpret as you will. People read it different ways.
A/N 2: Un beta'ed, all mistakes are mine.
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis © MGM Television Inc. No copyright infringement is intended. This is not in any way official. For entertainment purposes only.

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1st-Jan-2006 11:03 pm - Sparky Art
One Sparky Blend and a 10 SGA icons:

Under hereCollapse )
6 Stargate Atlantis

Spoilers for Season 2 up two The Hive 2.11

iconsCollapse )
14th-Nov-2005 07:51 pm - 'Lantis Quote Icons
Ta-daCollapse )
7th-Nov-2005 03:08 pm - Mix CD Angst Mix
Angsty Music

So, this is my angsty/sad mix up for grabs to anyone who wants it.

Warning though, some of the songs are kind of mature. Which usually goes hand-in-hand with angst, ya know. But if that doesn't bother you, by all means click.

Lyrics sample under hereCollapse )

Feed back muchly appreciated.
29th-Oct-2005 07:08 pm(no subject)
Dad:"You're a little obsessed with these two, aren't you?"
Me: *grins*
Sparky ArtCollapse )
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